Kids First Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 1989. The Executive Director of Kids First Foundation is Dr. Kent McIntyre, whose direct experience began with serving behaviorally challenging children and adults with developmental disabilities who were on the verge of being placed in a developmental center or have the opportunity of transitioning out of a developmental center back to the community.


Mr. Shahawi wanted to help the children and adults that very few others wanted to work with because they were too difficult, aggressive or disruptive. We want to help them by giving them a stable environment that will train them for the future by teaching them the skills to succeed.

Our Mission:


To assist and train those individuals on the Autism Spectrum to achieve their potential. To help them live as normalized, integrated, independent, and least restrictive life as possible, in a comfortable, loving home.  To give them the same opportunities for growth, support and success that anyone else may have.  To build their skill and self-confidence so that they can grow to be good citizens and live as independently as they can.

Our Vision:


Maximizing their Potential: One day the individuals in our care may be living in their own apartments, paying for their expenses with income from real employment and participating in leisure activities of their own interest and choice while behaving socially appropriate.

We truly believe that every individual should be given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. This is achieved through proper care, supervision and training supported by a positive behavioral program, well-trained staff, and a consistent value for choice. KFF strives to help individuals live a normalized, integrated, independent and least restrictive life as possible, offering the same opportunities for growth, support and success that anyone else may have. 

The location of our homes allows access to various community training and integration opportunities providing extensive recreational, educational and leisure activities for our residents.

We utilize Positive Behavior Supports which involve a systematic approach to preventing or reducing challenging behaviors, with the intention of identifying advantageous skills and supports to assist in the individual becoming more adaptive to their surroundings, thereby increasing the individual’s quality of life.

The General Goals for our residents are: become socially integrated into the community, reduce or eliminate all targeted maladaptive socially inappropriate behaviors, and build their confidence and self-esteem. Other Person Centered Goals are pursued as well.

Changing Lives One Child at a Time.

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