Vocational Services

For individuals who live with a disability and have a desire to enter the workforce.

We work with individuals who live with physical or developmental disabilities to reach their goals in acquiring and maintaining successful employment.


KFF provides the following services:

  • Community Based Assessments

  • Job Placement

  • Intensive Training

  • Job Retention Services


Our skilled job coaches support clients on job sites while helping them become confident and independent.

Every Step of the Way

KFF Vocational Services works closely with both the applicant and the employer each step of the way to:


  • Assure that an excellent job match is made and that the applicant is able to perform the job satisfactorily.

  • Involve the Vocational Specialists in training and coaching the applicant as they transition into the position.

  • Offer expanded Vocational Services to individuals who may need more intensive or extended supports for successful employment.

  • Create innovative solutions that promote successful long-term employment.


Our job coaches can be scheduled to accommodate most hours of scheduled employment.

Our Commitment to You
  • Friendly, Professional and Supportive Staff

  • Our Wide Range of Services

  • Highly Trained Support Staff 

  • Available 24/7



One of our Vocational Specialists will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help you reach your vocational goals.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Natalie Pollett - Program Manager

Phone (360)722-9913


Brian LaMonte - Director of Employment Services

Phone (408) 460-7601


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